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After receiving my BFA from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, I entered a career as an advertising Art Director and Creative Director in Toronto, New York and San Francisco. After 30 award winning years, I left that madness and focused, full time, on painting and sculpture. In painting I admire artists who are not afraid to take risks. I approach every painting with this attitude. I work, whether it’s landscape or figurative, to express the essence of something that is meaningful to me. And execute it in a fresh and interesting way. In sculpture, it’s all about shapes. I admire the simplicity, honesty and strength of primitive work. I like to work in gestures and suggestions rather than details, again finding the simplest expression of something that intrigues me. But, in either medium, it’s taking the risk of not knowing exactly how I’m going to succeed, using this scary executional philosophy, that I find exciting.

Visit artist's website - https://www.premeditatedart.com