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Summer's Bounty Exhibit

Summer's Bounty Exhibit· July 22 - September 19, 2021

Featuring 10 West Artists: Penny Arntz, Pamela Grau, Sheldon Kaganoff, Pamela Larsson-Toscher, Laurie MacMillan, Patrick McGinnis, Mary Neville, Tom Peck, Scott A. Trimble, Dahlia Riley, Iben G. Vestergaard

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10 West is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara just 1/2 block from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The gallery specializes in Santa Barbara and regional artists. The artwork tends toward non-traditional genres with various degrees of abstraction or surrealism, joined by depictions of peaceful koi ponds, impressionist landscapes and unique figurative work. You'll find oil and acrylic paintings, ceramic vessels and sculpture, bronze and stone sculpture, digital photographic collage and contemporary pottery from Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

An artist-owned cooperative, 10 West Gallery is directed by founder, Jan Ziegler. The gallery is open four days a week and has a new exhibition of 11 artists every other month. No receptions are allowed at this time.