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About the artist...

Sol divides his artistic practice between working with contemporary digital imaging technology to create what he calls Metagraphs, and by using art as a form of activism through creating hard hitting social justice art projects.

Metagraphs are a mixed media hybrid that exploits a digital sensor’s sensitivity to energies other than light in order to record visible artifacts hinting at the energetic nature of the universe.

Sol became interested in working with digital imaging technology while doing his MFA in photographic arts. He noticed everyone involved in the world of photography despised “digital noise.” He thought it would be wonderful to do something so compelling with these endemic but reviled artifacts that people would have to enjoy them, mostly to prove the point that nothing is inherently worthless or ugly… it just depends on how you look at it and where you put value.

Sol prints his Metagraphs on Japanese paper and applies them to prepared painter’s substrates. He develops surface texture and gesture in acrylics to accentuate the ambiguity of the medium. His aim is to stimulate wonder – about the image, his process, his medium and their collective interpretation.

Visit artist's website - http://solhill.com