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About the artist...

An abstract contemporary painter, Sarita’s focus is centered on using color and texture to create surfaces that imply a history, or former life. Her work aims to create a visual space that invites the viewer to explore an atmosphere filled with suggested forms and imagery. Her paintings convey a mixture of energetic, obscured and diffused context.


“My process involves the application of several layers of media, infusing the surface with a history spanning time and experiences. Often involving the use of unconventional materials from bleach to vinegar to black tea and building up the canvas with layers of paint and plaster, followed by breaking it down and carefully deconstructing areas to form the final composition. The visual space becomes tactile, distressed and mysterious. 


Viewers may ask ‘what is this?’ and ‘what was this?’ simultaneously.”

Visit artist's website - https://www.saritareynolds.com/