Rick Doehring

If you paint by someone else's rules, you paint someone else's painting. Art is more than what you see on the canvas, it extends as far as the imagination can travel. Art knows no borders, recognizes no authority, accepts no dominion; at its best, art is free and bold, full of all the qualities which make us human. It is the expression and the record of the creation of the human soul. And it's a hell of a lot of fun to make.

The King

Spirit Horse

Southern Cross

Pollock's Poppies


Hockney's 25 Trees

Gifts of the Magi


Inside Georgia O'Keeffe

Beyond the Pale

Beethoven’s Ninth, “Ode to Joy”

Struggles to Make Sense of My Past

Some Forbidden Attractions

Torn from the Headlines

Love Is Kinda Screwy

Thirteen Moons

Somewhere in Louisiana

What You See Is Not Who I Am

Red Flag

Lovers and Other Strangers

Welcome to the Machine

Pay Attention To Me

Mystical Creatures

Year of the Dragon 1952

Purple Poppies, Red Rain


Four Fabulous Dancers

Slings and Arrows

I Believe