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About the artist...

I have an endless fascination for the human figure; the beauty and grace of its form and the power of its gesture to evoke response. I am interested in the provocation of gesture as it relates to the paradox and contradictions of what it means to be human and the challenge of finding visual forms to hold emotion and the narrative of experience. I often work from an unconscious, intuitive place, surprising myself over what comes out of that. I am interested in creating image where beauty and bravery meet, and to tell the truth of what is haunting me...like a black hole that absorbs energy and then releases it as something new and alive.

Ultimately, I am fascinated by the distinguishing qualities of human nature; our relationships, our passions, how we choose to exist, believe, or interact. Everything refers back to that, no matter the object that I am discovering. I have great empathy for human vulnerability.

Having retired after 41 years of teaching within the Visual and Performing Arts, I have fully embraced the life of a full time artist. Making image is born of something inherent in who I am as well as a need to complete a relationship with something outside of myself. I have degrees in Studio Art and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and continue to explore my interest in both painting and printmaking.

Visit artist's website - https://www.tomandpatriciapostart.com