Mata Ortiz


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As a self taught abstract artist based in Santa Barbara County I’ve practiced many forms of art throughout my career, but began concentrating on painting a few years ago. The fluidity and freedom it’s given me, in contrast with my past practice of photography which required more planning and structure, has opened up paths to more spontaneous creativity. As an abstract expressionist my work tends to be a series of quick choices made in the moment, often influenced by music or memories tapped into as a piece is created.  Many of my canvases fall into two categories: 1) Process art, which are subdued monochromatic pieces focused on layering paints and using alternative tools like squeegees and blow-torches to create texture and history; 2) Higher energy paintings with dynamic brush strokes, bold colors, and graffiti-like markings. Influenced by the abstract expressionist movement, I tap into big emotions and hope that the end product is evocative of said emotions.

Visit artist's website - https://michaeloguinnart.com