Mata Ortiz


Autumn 2021 Show

2021 Summer's Bounty Exhibit

2021 Summer Solstice Exhibit

2021 Spring Exhibit


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Symbols and metaphors are the language of individual and collective consciousness. They can serve as entré to reflections on the nature of humanity, the soul, and the interdependence of all life. Guided by my career practice in psychotherapy and healing, I aim for my work to open space for the interpretive. Sculpting clay into any form is humbling—the medium responds to every touch—imbuing each sculpture with a sense of presence. The figures, often sculpted at human-scale, develop through a multi-step process that can only be described as breathing life into the clay. What begins as a translation of figures from visions found in the insomniatic twilight between dreaming and waking, gradually becomes an exercise in transmutation, one driven by the impulse to connect.These figures are totems: protective guides that invite an expanded cosmology and expanded notion of harmony. In a single breath, each figure is both mirror and portal. Through their fantastical forms—so clearly not of this reality—they ask viewers to momentarily part with their strict perceptions: human-animal, reality-fantasy, Self-Other, to refocus on the closeness and likeness of all the interconnected lives on this planet.

Visit artist's website - https://www.lisacrane.net