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Art, for me, started in junior high when I made a baseball bat that I used that season. It was that process that fostered a love for the three dimensional. After graduating from college, I worked as an apprentice for Myron Barnstone, a sculptor in Allentown, PA, who provided a rigor for my craft and with time, I gained a vocabulary and the skills to go out on my own.


To find my voice, I moved to rural Idaho, and it is there that I became established in galleries, public art, and with collectors. Raw landscape and wildlife became my muse. The departure  from Allentown removed me from Myron’s’ influence and I began to work with the human form in the series called Intimate Stranger, which was the result of visiting Walter Reed Hospital.


I have now returned to painting, drawing and printmaking and am working on a series of heads, entitled “Speechless Observers” as well as a series of abstract works on paper that hint at figurative or landscape forms.