Mata Ortiz


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My work is conceived as a concept/metaphor and presented as abstract, porcelain sculpture. Most of my work is unglazed, allowing the translucency of the porcelain to dominate, while light and shadows add subtle depth.  I work minimally using only those parts necessary to complete each form. Tension is created in each piece using contrasting elements like black/white, smooth/rough, hard/soft, and organic/architectural. Repetitive forms add strength to my work.  I am continually inspired by dance, music, shape, and form. I work directly with materials without a preconceived plan in a series of approximately ten to thirty pieces.  Through investigation, exploration, and evaluation, each new form leads me to the next construction.  This “discovery” provides excitement, fulfillment, and feeds my passion.

Visit artist's website - https://jrdstudio.artspan.com