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About the artist...

The main thread throughout my work is the exploration of memory and time. We are the sum of our experiences, but memories are fallible. They can change, bend, are buried, and fade. Time can feel elastic but always moves in steady motion forward. Because our time is finite - bracketed with impenetrable bookends - we look for answers to define and give meaning to our lives.In my current figurative work I have simplified the materials down to just carbon and acrylic. The black and white heads are inspired by the art of early civilizations. Work that is monolithic, symbolic and timeless. The spheres represent the phases of the moon and the passing of time. The head is an archetype symbol of humanity and a testament to life lived. Carbon - the element present in all living things.The abstract landscapes in Spaces represent the imperfect/faded memories of outdoor places. Worn, and blurred, the detail is lost but the feeling of the space remains.

Visit artist's website - https://jamespetrucci.com