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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Allen Cox is a long-time West Coast contemporary and abstract painter. Cox has been showing his work nationally since 1982 and internationally since 2003.  He holds a BS in Anthropology (Archaeology), a BFA in Fine Art and an MFA in Painting, all from the University of Oregon.


Allen’s painting is rooted in 20th century abstraction. Elements of modernism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism along with minimalism and postmodernism all inform his work. Often a painting will include pictorial elements not usually found in pure abstraction. These paintings also reflect Cox's experience as an archaeologist in Oregon. Multi-layered surfaces echo the stratified remnants of past events, textural paint techniques create a worn and weathered patina of age and history. All of these details add to the complexity of his densely constructed images. The result is a unique approach to 21st Century painting.