Stuart Ochiltree

My work is an unstructured and interactive process of intention, accident and often conscious destruction to discover both an emotional response and visual impact.

I integrate acrylic paint and glazes on canvas with Asian papers, vintage magazine images, handwritten letters from families long past and other found materials which are designed to create a subject resonance within a framework of abstraction.

The best work is an interactive process with the paint, materials and message to allow a painting to be what it wants to be.

Lovely outcast

Black ribbon

as good as my word


Red Center


East and West

Look just right

Banco de Colombia

Without her husbands help

100 steps.

Lost letters

War, Book one

California eden

Still lovely at tea time

Look just right

Why not now?

Plains letters

Stetsons of Damariscotta

Split in time


The lost children of Tuam


Coast to coast

Meadow Between

Cachuma Dam

Broken Oak

Butterfly Rocks

Clark Preserve

Canyon Passage


Black Rain Coming

Marine Layer

Lake Cachuma Sunset

Nightfall: Route 154

Hawks Prairie

Santa Ynez Horizon