Marlene Struss

The point is not to be in control but to be in tune. -- Ed Moses

For me painting is absorbing, engaging play.  It is exhilarating exploration of the effects of paint of varying viscosities applied or removed with unusual tools and forces to discover colors, textures, lines, and illusions that all work together to emulate the game of life where the future is unpredictable and the past never completely disappears.  The balance of both masculine and feminine elements, sharpness and softness, curves and angles are present in my work in an attempt to grasp an idealized and cooperative totality. 

Migrants Passage

Personal Space

Excavation of a Memory

Fire in the Belly Dance


Glowing Grain of Sand

Fall Finale

Last Look on the Hike Home

Sea Sculpture

Summer Stroll

Moonlight in the Neighborhood

Plan A / Plan B

Organic Gala

Rush to the Center of Attention

Elusive Fantasy

Signs of Life

Unfurling Forces

Our Foreign Friends

And Away We Go

Warm Night at Ghetto Lounge

Extinction Turns a Corner

Animal Vegetable Mineral

Tumble Town

Child's Dream

Late Afternoon Lagoon

Lost Hills

The Complex

Green Guardian

Milk and Cookies

Rasta Vista

I'm Melting!

Taming the Earth

Nourishing Our Dreams

Lively Group

Five Miles from Fiesta

All Systems Go

Jaws of the Enemy


Traveling Web of Water