Maria Miller

I create to invent new spheres, new environments and unfamiliar places. I create because I discover something new about myself in the process.

In life, I find great inspiration from travel, experiencing the foreign or strange. In my work I'm inspired by the mundane. By combining both sources of inspiration I strive to elevate the ordinary into something extraordinary. I try to break all the rules of photography. This comes easily for me since my background is that of a painter, not a photographer. I transform and combine my subjects with a photo manipulation program until they are 100 percent unrecognizable.

This is Not at All What I Had Expected

Let's Be Strangers Again

Contemplation in a World of Disquiet

Canna II

Canna I

We Leave Sound Behind (because we are phantoms)

Weather Discussion

Walking Away from a Template of a Life

Trapped in Their Own Past

This Wasn't Here Yesterday

Tempest II

Tempest I

She Never Asked to Be Put On a Pedestal

She Also Worked Quieter


Red Moon II

Red Moon I

Escaping the Present Moment

Dreaming at Pompeii


Brunelleschi's Dream

Nocturnal Shadows

Morning Feed II

Morning Feed I

Final Stage of Immobility


A Future Discussion


He Decided It's Time to Create His Own Shadow (1/10)

I Could Use a Threshold Right About Now (1/10)

Madama Butterfly (1/10)

Trapped in Their Own Past

Reciprocity (1/10)

Still Learning to Navigate Her Inner Landscape

One Thing after Another

I Remember it Differently

If Only He Could Find Himself Again (edition: 1/5)

Gaia (edition: 1/5)

Migration (edition: 1/5)

Sitting on Top of the World and Wondering What All the Fuss is About (edition: 1/5)

Woman Sitting On a Park Bench Wondering Why He Stopped Writing to Her (edition: 1/5)


Wabi Sabi

Between Dreams

Dreaming in Chinese

Man on a Horse Thinking About Work

Sometimes It’s Best to Walk Away (1/5)

The Forgotten Harp (1/5)

The Noisy Mind (1/5)

Unusable Instruments (1/5)