Madeline Garrett

I am inspired by art that has a certain sense of mystery, and forever reach for that in my own work. I find that I have developed a reductionist approach by building up complicated layers, writing and inscribing, and then slowly reducing the extraneous to get to the final surface with intentionally awkward beauty. My paintings embrace a delicate balance between control and freeflow, allowing the story to unfold while editing the surface until only the most important essence remains. My love for the urban landscape and minimalist aesthetics of the desert are huge influences in my artistic style.

Tapestry in Gray

Organic #4

Organic #3

Organic #2

Organic #1

Live your Dreams


Beyond the Stars

Concrete & Tumbleweeds

Solitude #2


Born to Fly

Loose Marbles

Gone Girls

Dichotomy (#3)

Dichotomy (#2)

Dichotomy (#1)

Little Zen

Hula in the Rain



Open Highway


Wild Child

Butterfly Kisses



Turtle Race

White Water Rafting

Lost Canoe

White Whispers

Digging Deep

Jump Joy


Wild World

Beach Rock (#1)

Beach Rock (#2)

Beach Rock (#3)

Cutaway (I)

Beach Rock (#6)

Beach Rock (#5)

Beach Rock (#4)

Peace Train

Spring Green

Dream Stories

Ladder To The Sky

Lightning Rod


Urban Wall

Cowgirl Blues