Karen Zazon

Painting is a reflection of my personal feelings and of my relationship with the world. It might be music, an experience, or an emotion that inspires me to begin a painting. Once the paint touches the canvas an intuitive process takes over and I run with it. Painting in multiple layers, my process of scratching and wiping becomes a personal visual language, enabling me to express myself without the use of words.

Zero Gravity

Rain Dance

Out There

Thinking Out Loud


Layers in Time

Letting Go (Diptych)

Marine Layers (Triptych)

Solar Energy (Triptych)

Greenhouse Effect (Triptych)

Out of the Mainstream

Passion Rising

Looking at Life

Nature's Way

Nature's Way

Climate Changes

Mystery Theater

Aquatic Energy

Cascading Emotions

Tranquil Memories

Rhapsody in Red

I’ve Got A Feeling

Harbor Lights

Emerald Lake

Come Together

Ready or Not

Into the Mystic

Raised Awareness

Magic Carpet Ride