Stuart Ochiltree

My work has evolved from both a personal process and the richness of the California landscape. The color palette and collage textures using acrylic paint, glazes, papers, cloth and found materials reflects the powerful impact of our mountains, rocks, canyons, trees and open spaces which create a juxtaposition of hard and soft edges. The best work will reveal itself through an interactive process of accident and discovery. As best I can, I try to let paintings become vs. submit.

Meadow Between 

Montecito Trailhead

Cachuma Dam

Riven Rock

Broken Oak

Butterfly Rocks

Clark Preserve

Canyon Passage


Black Rain Coming

Marine Layer

Canyon Sunrise

Lake Cachuma Sunset

Nightfall: Route 154

Hawks Prairie

Caliche Wash

Mission Trail

Santa Ynez Horizon

Cachuma Canyon

Montecito Hills