Sophie MJ Cooper

Underlying my work is the continuous search for oppositions, patterns, and directions to find strong and dynamic compositions within a particular mood and moment in time. I am especially drawn to urban and industrial scenes. Currently working on the Water Tank series I explore the contrast between the seemingly small, rounded tanks with the massive and angular shapes of the buildings that support them. The contrast is made even starker when considering the juxtaposition of the water tanks centuries-old technology with the contemporary structures upon which they rest.

Shadow Heights

BLDG Passerby


Oversight, No. 41

Sprouted, No.45

Four Tanks, No. 18

Jersey Cruise, No. 21

Lookout, No. 37


Brake Lights

PS 108

Evening Reflection No. 3

Windy Soho No. 39

Closing Time No. 13

Spotted No. 42

Smoke Stack, No. 36

Western, No. 1

Magic Hour, No. 31

Tequila, No. 20